Friday, January 27, 2006

General news

Great news, I heard back from TRSGA. They want me to come back and do a second in person interview. I’m really excited about this. I only have one problem, how do I get out of work again?

Well, fortunately, when I lie I think long term, always keeping my options open. It was just such a long term lie that I used on Tuesday to leave work early to go to my first interview with TRSGA. I said that on Monday Nicole was read ended by a car and, although the damage wasn’t bad, we couldn’t get her fuel cut of switch back on so we had to take it into the shop. I made a point of stating that we weren’t repairing her bumper yet. So, now, next week, I will use the bumper repair in tandem with needing to go to the SSA offices (which is legit) to get off work. I’ll have to take the day unpaid since I don’t have any vacation time left, but I think this is worth it.

This is sort of risky though, because what happens if they don’t offer me the job? I feel they will, hopefully after the second interview. However, you never know. This is with the sate, what if it takes them a few weeks before they offer? What if they offer to little money? There are a lot of ifs, so it’s still a scary scenario.

I’m going to do a good deal of writing this weekend. I was able to break through one of my blocks in my current script, and may even have a title for it. I think I’m going to go with Infinite Reality. I’ll see how it plays out. Things are really going to get moving in the story now, so it should be a lot of fun to write. I’m at page 55 right now, and up until this point it’s been a slow build. I’ve added in a bit of action here and there, but really it’s been getting the viewer up to speed, establishing the characters, and setting up everything that is about to unfold. I’ve got most of what is going to unfold planned out. I don’t know every detail, but the overall roadmap is there. My last big problem is establishing the love interest, because there is a big revelation at the end of the story and if people don’t buy into the relationship, it’s not going to work. Most likely I won’t get it to the point it needs to be in this draft. With a little work though, subsequent drafts should take care of that.



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