Monday, January 30, 2006

Another weekend gone by

Another weekend come and gone. I didn't do to much this weekend, other than sit around on my ass a bit. I don't know if I even left the house other than to pick up a calzone and walk the dog. I don't care, I needed this weekend off. Time to recharge the batteries so to speak.
I rented Half Life 2 this weekend for the XBOX. Pretty solid game, I would have loved to see what it's like on the PC. While it's nice on the XBOX, the frame rate drops horribly on occasion, which can make shooting half demons and stuff really tough. I really enjoyed Half Life 1, so it's been nice playing the same style of game again. I'm going to try and beat the game before I have to take it back Wednesday. I'd like to see the ending.
I did a lot of writing this weekend. Moving my current screenplay along nicely. I think it's getting a bit too complicated right now though, and dealing with story elements that might be beyond my abilities to write successfully. I'm not very concerned with that right now though, first drafts are supposed to be crazy and all over the place. It's a time to try things out to see what sticks. I've got a lot of ideas in my head about how I'm going to wrap up the story, I just don't know about how many more pages its going to take. At my current rate, and how close I am to the end, I think I've got about 40 pages more. Right now I'm around 80 or so. This means, in total, I'll finish my first draft around 120 pages. Ideally you want to keep a product between 90-110 pages. I don't think it'll be hard to trim this down though. I've got a lot of elements that I don't see myself keeping in the finished product, which currently are taking up a lot of page space. Anyway, I'd like to have this draft done by next weekend.
The WWE's Royal Rumble was last night. Usually I love the Royal Rumble, one of my favorite PPVs of the year. I didn't order it this year, quite frankly because I just don't watch that much WWE anymore. After reading the coverage on I'm glad I didn't shell out the 39.99 to see it either. Two belts change hands, a wrestler under 5'6" wins the Rumble, and the two "special guests" are Tatanka and Golddust? I mean, WTF? They've completely killed off Edge's momentum, which was the only thing I found interesting on RAW right now. I mean, if you're going to make him drop the belt he just won three weeks ago, you don't do it with a submission hold, that's just bad booking. It made him look weak and like a fluke champ, which he sort of was, but it was in character for him. Anyway, just another sour note on a sour wrestling company.


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