Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tis the season?

It was a busy weekend. Bebe has decided that we need a new mattress because her back hurts. I don’t know if the mattress is the reason her back hurts or not, but how can I argue? So, we looked at some mattresses at a couple of places. We saw some we liked, some we didn’t like, but what got me the most was how freaking expensive they are. Jesus, to get a good one you’ve got to spend a month’s salary.

I know I said I would put up some pictures of the house this weekend, and I am. But just one picture and it’s a taste of things to come this holiday season.

While out looking for mattresses Bebe and I made the rounds at the nearby chambers of commerce, otherwise known as the mall. We went to Sears and Macy’s and looked at all sort of Christmas stuff. We made it into Kohls, where I bought a new sweater and some great slacks that were on sale, and checked out some of the Christmas stuff there too.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or not, but I think I get the whole Christmas thing now. It’s not the presents I got as a kid that stay with me now, but the memories of being at my Grandma Pryor’s house Christmas Eve and listening to my Aunt Cindy’s stories. I remember sitting at the little kid’s table, well into my early adult years, at my Grandma Brown’s house. Watching my cousin Nick race into the house, and abruptly excuse himself to go throw up. It’s not the presents but the family, the fun, the stories, the music, the feeling, all of it, that’s what I remember. Not the presents, although they are nice.

Before I end, I want to just say something about this amazing ornament that I saw at Kohls today. Everyone who has seen A Christmas Story knows about the wooden box that “the major award” came in. Well, the ornament is that box, with the word Fragile and everything written on it. When you open the box you can see the leg inside and everything. The best part is that each time you open it a sound clip from that one or two minute scene plays. I plan on buying this ornament as soon as I get a tree, it really was priceless and captures, to me, one of my most precious memories of Christmas, enjoying watching A Christmas Story time and time and time again with my family.



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