Monday, November 14, 2005

A somber weekend

I still can't believe Eddie is dead. I mean, I was just watching him on the television a few weeks back. It's truly a shame, and it will take a while for me to get used to. He's the first wrestler that I was a big fan off to pass away, and the first wrestling in the middle of his prime to do so in quite some time. The last I can remember was Owen Hart, and that was due to an equipment malfunction, unlike Guerrero who was found dead in his hotel room.
It was also a bummer to hear that Kurt Busch, a NASCAR driver I root for and have on my fantasy team, was pulled over for reckless driving this past Friday night. Evidently, Kurt was under the influence. While he was not charged with DUI, they did press wreckles driving charges against him. I'm not sure of the whole story, so I may have some details wrong, but I'm sure will have some stuff on it later today. In addition to being under the influence, Kurt was quite belligerent with the police arresting him. This doesn't come as that big of a surprise though, since Kurt has been knowing for being quite an asshole in his tenure driving in NASCAR. Jack Rousch, his current team owner, suspended him for the final two races of the season, an abrupt turn around from his comments earlier in the week when he stated he planned on taking no actions against Kurt. Jack appears to have caved due to pressure from the sponsors of the 97 car, which Kurt races. One of his sponsors is Crown Royal, and being an alcoholic beverage, I'm sure they do not want to be associated with someone accused of driving under the influence. What's even more interesting is that Kurt will be switching teams next year to race the 2 car for Penske. As most of you may, or may not, know, the 2 car, which has been driven by Rusty Wallace since the late 1800s (this is a joke, NASCAR hasn't even been around that long), is sponsored by Miller Lite. It will be interesting to see how Miller handles the situation, especially if it comes to light that Kurt was indeed intoxicated.
TNA had their Genesis PPV last night. Unfortunately, Phil Collins did not make a run in during the main event, which was a bummer. On the other hand, Christian made his TNA debut, cutting one hell of a promo. While I didn't order the PPV this month (I've ordered the last 2 TNA PPVs) I read the play by play on and read the transcript of Christians promo. Things should start to get REALLY interesting over the next few weeks now that Christian is in the mix.
I rented Fire Emblem for the Gamecube this weekend and have played about 5 or 6 hours worth of it. It's a solid game, and if you're a fan of the strategy RPG like I am (think Final Fantasy Tactics, or Ogre Battle) you'll like this. The graphics are good, the sound is solid, and so far the story is very interesting. It's due back Wednesday, but if I like it enough I may buy it, not sure though.
Other than that, ran a few errands this weekend, bought some shoes and stuff. Still trying to get an cardiologist appointment, I'll make note when I do.


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