Friday, July 08, 2005

I've got a headache

Been a pretty crappy day at work. I did however find a link to a horrible, albeit very funny for all the wrong reasons, video that I wanted to share.

I in no way condone what this guy does, and yes, I agree it is said these men can't find honest work, but it is just too funny.

At any rate, I came across a funny article on CNN.COM today about how looks effect your salary and how far you advance in your life. I'm by no means a super model, but have always thought I'm at least above average in the looks department. Evidently, that will get me more money, go me! Also, the article states that taller people get more money too, I'm 6'3" as of my physical last month. Again, go me!

Here's the article if you want to take a look.

In other news, London is still very somber, at least they sound somber on Virgin Radio. I swear, there is just something really neat about listening to a radio station in another country. Just listening to the terms they use, trying to figure out what they are saying, hearing the movie phone guy promote a movie with a British accent. It's all good fun. If you want to check out Virgin radio, that's as in Virgin Music not virgin, go to Check it out, my girlfriend pointed it out to me. You can also stream it through your iTunes, it's in the Pop/Top 40 listed of radio stations.

Looks like Denis is going to slam into Florida. Man, they can't catch any luck. I just hope it doesn't mess with the oil pipelines. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with 2.25 a gallon gas where I live. I can't deal with 2.50 and up if it comes to that.

Have a good weekend.




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