Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is the problem with health care in the US

I'm really fucking pissed off right now. Furious.
My girlfriend has had sever neck and back problems for years. As with most young people (most of the uninsured are young adults ages 18-26 believe it or not) we haven't had insurance until recently. I have a really good plan with my job. Unfortunately, she doesn't.
So, she needs to get an MRI done on her neck and back. However, her deductible is so high that we can't afford it. So, she has to sit in pain until she gets a better job with a better health plan. This is fucking ridiculous. So much for that culture of life bullshit.
I don't understand this. I mean, who fails to accept the fact that there are too many people in this world who have to sit in pain, or be forced to be sick, or even die, because they don't have insurance? Why are we the only modern industrialized nation without a national health care plan?
This is just so fucking stupid I can't comprehend it. I mean, I have to sit an argue with people over this fact when we talk politics. "Where does it say I have to provide health care for people on the constitution?" says some moron. "I don't ask them to do anything for me, why should I help take care of someone else," some other dolt says. Now, if some antigovernment, anarchist is saying this I can't really argue. I mean, they're anarchists, so it's in their political agenda for everyone to fend for themselves. It's the people who are religious that I want to punch in the face when they say that. So much for that "Help thy neighbor and less fortunate" stuff Jesus was always preaching. I'm sure he wasn't referring to health care, probably just about bread and lepers.
I mean, for the billions and billions we spend on defense each year we could take less than 10% of that and fully fund national health care. No kidding here, look it up. Instead, we get pork barrel bullshit in D.C. for these piece of shit legislations, money spent on fucking hearings for steroid use in baseball, a bunch of time and money wasted on some brain dead woman in Florida, and the FBI being sent to Aruba to search for some missing white girl. I'm sorry, but this is a bunch of crap.
My living, breathing, significant other has to suffer constant and daily pain because these people who run this country and the constituents who vote them in are so brain washed they buy into the crap the health care industry lobbyists feed them. How many other people have had to attend bowl-a-thons to raise money for a cancer fighter. How many times have you given money to someone trying to get a kidney transplant? How many people have had to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills (don't expect D.C. to tell you that the number one cause for personal bankruptcy is due to medical expenses). If we're really concerned about this culture of life we need to start worrying about people between the time they are born and the time they are starting to die.
God, I want to punch a wall right now. Argh!


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