Monday, June 27, 2005

Complaints about prescription drugs

You remember my rant about health care costs last week? No? You don't? Scroll down the page a bit and read it then. Done? Okay... I'll continue.
Well, along with the MRI for my girlfriend he also prescribed some medications. The first was a light muscle relaxer, the second was Celebrex as an anti-inflammation drug. She went to fill the prescription. The muscle relaxer has a generic, no big deal there. However, Celebrex doesn't and it costs a good amount of money. Her insurance doesn't cover drug costs until she pays a hefty amount first, and then the co pay after that is pretty high too. So, she can't get the Celebrex.
Talk about a crock of shit. These are the problems that are truly wrong with America. When you want to get help with medicine you can never afford it. So, once again, she is supposed to just sit there in pain for the next few days until we can figure something out.


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