Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Things are a changing

For those who happen to come across my blog in the past, and for those that hopelessly wait for me to update it, you may notice that it appears a bit different.

This is for a few reasons. One of these reasons is that I want to make this blog into something a bit different than what it originally was. My original attempt was to have a very political theme to it. However, since I’ve started into the professional world I find I have less and less time to obsess about politics that I used to. When I was in college I obsessed over politics constantly. Even when I first started working at IBM I had a job that didn’t take too much cognizant thought, so I just sort of droned out for 8 hours listening to various left wing radio shows around the country. Hell, by my fourth week there I could do my job in my sleep, and actually did a few times.

At any rate, I just can’t concentrate on it like I used to. Do I still watch the news, if you can even call it that anymore, and get all pissed off about King George and company, sure. I think I have more to offer than just political commentary, and quite frankly there are many many others out there who do it much better than I do.

I’m going to continue to post political commentary, but now include other things as well such as daily observations, whacko stuff I’d like to share, jokes people send me, and just daily blah stuff about me and my life.

I’m hoping that Rayder will continue to post to the blog, though he’s fallen off as much as I have. Hell, for a guy as busy as he is up in D.C. I’m surprised he even has any free time.

So, looks for some posts to trickle in as I start to move along. I’m going to take advantage of posting via e-mail and some other outlets since it is easier for me to do so while at work than to pull up a browser and post an HTML topic.

Either way, have fun as you surf the “internets.”



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