Monday, June 20, 2005

Biden for President?

So, Joe Biden announced that he'd like to run for president in 2008. He said that he wants to run but has to figure out he he'd be able to raise the funds needed to have a realistic campaign.
Personally I think this is a bad move. All the pundits are going to say that he's only doing whatever he does not because he wants to run for president. On the flip side, it could be a good move since it gets his name out front long before the rest of the election machines start moving. If he starts making sense and has some good media snippets in the next two years a lot of people may just say, "Hey, I could see this guy as my president."
The trick is to get people thinking about you being their president without having to tell them you're trying to be their president. Then again, what do I know? I was kicked off my own fraternity's executive committee. The only other elected office I held was student council, and I sucked at that too.


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