Friday, June 17, 2005

What the hell is this?

So, CNN.COM is reporting that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush asked a prosecutor Friday to investigate why Terri Schiavo collapsed 15 years ago, calling into question how long it took her husband to call 911 after he found her.
CNN.COM went on to say that Jeb will not be giving any extra effort to cases involving missing black children, living people, old people, other otherwise people who may currently contribute or effect society. Instead, they say, he wants to concentrate on a dead woman so he can push a hard lined political agenda.
No, CNN.COM didn't any of that stuff. Seriously though, I mean, what the hell? Isn't there more important stuff to worry about in Florida? Lord knows it seems every time you turn on the TV something crazy is going on down there. I find this said that they are still hanging on to the hope that somehow they can find evidence that undermines the autopsy report of the other day.
It's funny though, my father called this whole thing. He said they'd go and try and find more dirt on the husband so they can blame him now. The fact is, all the right wasted out time with this Terri crusade, and even after her death and autopsy, are still trying to use her and her family for political gains.
I think the Terri incident has marked a climax in the power of the hard-line right wing. With this whole ordeal America wised up a bit, and lets hope this is a trend that continues.


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