Thursday, June 16, 2005

What have I been busy doing?

A lot of people don't know this about me but I've been
busy writing two screenplays over the last several

Why would you be writing two screenplays you ask? What
makes you think you have enough talent to write
screenplays, you quander?

Well, a few reasons. One, unlike most people I know, I
actually studied film as a career path when I started
college. I would have continued on that path too had
it not been for the high expense of the college and
the amount of money it was costing me out of pocket to
be able to produce my student films. Two, I have a
friend of mine who actually finished film school, and
is currently working on a upcoming feature film to be
released sometime later this year or early next year.
When I say working on an upcomming film, I mean this
thing will be produced and you will see it at a theater
near you with actors and actresses you will recognized.
This is not some glorified independant film.

At any rate the two movies I've been working on are
tentatively called The Hypocrisy Standard and The
Track at Dusk.

The Hypocrisy Standard is a story about two friends
who are on the run from some people who are trying to
kill them. Turns out one of the friends was recruited
by a secret agency while he was in college. This
agency kills people who escape justice in their eyes.
Trust me; it doesn’t come across so corny in the
screenplay. At any rate, both of them are drunk one
night and the one friend blabs to the other about what
he does for a living. It’s actually a funny scene.
Without going into to much detail, turns out the
agency the friend works for wants to kill the other
friend, and it’s all his fault because he blabbed
about what he does. There are twists, some turns, and
a few really dramatic scenes. I wrote the first draft,
all 123 pages of it, in about a week. I think moved on
to some other things and are now hard at work on the
second draft.

The Track at Dusk is the story of Frank Jasper, an
aging NASCAR driver at what most consider the end of
his career, still chasing the championship (he’s
finished second twice).A member of a six driver team,
his contact isn’t renewed in lieu of a younger more
marketable driver that the sponsor of the car he
drives wants. Frank considers retirement, but is
convinced to meet with one upstart team that has a
unique offer for him. I know what you’re thinking; the
upstart team takes Frank all the way in a real
underdog story. Well you’d be wrong; this new team
isn’t anything to shake a stick at. They’ve dominated
many other motor sports series and are looking to get
into NASCAR, and they want Frank to be their driver
since they view him as a safe investment. The story
goes on from there, Frank has the opportunity to
reconcile with his ex-wife who left him because she
can’t take the racing lifestyle anymore, he battles
the other drivers, his old team, and the driver that
replaced him in his old car all while trying to win a
championship so he can retire.

I haven’t finished The Track at Dusk, but am about 80
pages through it right now. It’s been a lot of fun but
there is only so much racing you can write about. I
needed a break and I had been concentrating really
hard on what I wanted to change for The Hypocrisy
Standard in the second draft, so I decided to get back
to work on that. Besides, it has a far better chance
of being made anyway.

Regardless, I’m writing these for me and still for
that faint hope that one day I can return to doing
what my original goal in life was to do, and that’s
make movies for people.


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