Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Transformers The Movie News: Prime's Arm and Face

Now, I will admit I've been on the fence so far with the Transformers stuff. Some of it is cool, some of it isn't...especially the Optimus Prime with flames stuff.

Well, I check and lo and behold there is Transformers news. I click on the link and see these images.

First, the arm. I like it, a lot. Bay said he's going to make the Transformers appear as though the parts they have can actually come from a car. IN other words, no size changing suer neat transformations like in the cartoons. These guys will look like vehicles. Wires, egines, exhaust, wheels, you name it and it's going to be there. This could be more apparant than the Bumble Bee robot shoot from a few weeks back. Seeing how the flames thing will look on the transformed Prime arm, I think I'll let it slide. He looks blue and red, which is good enough for me.

Now the face. This is the money shot right here. This will calm down all the hoohoo nannys that were getting in a fuss. Sure his eyes are blacked out, but the important part is that his face guard is there. No lips, no mouth, just a face guard, as it should be. I'm not saying that at some point it's going to be removed and we'll see his mouth, but at least for the time being we know that it is indeed there, and it will be used (or so it will seem).

Supposedly these shots have been "leaked" on purpose to calm everyone down that's been hating on Bay lately. He wants to show that while he is doing some of his own things with the source material, he's keeping it real.

While this give me hope, I won't be satisfied until I see Megatron. If he's going to be an M1-A1 tank, he's going to have to look bad ass, or I'm going to be pissed.



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