Monday, July 18, 2005

Why I was gone...

I got real sick last week. The doc said it looked like I was getting strep but we caught it early enough that it didn't get to severe. After a few days of antibiotics I felt better. Still got a few days of pills left to take but for all intensive purposes I'm pretty okay now.
That's why I wasn't posting, not that there is anyone out there who knew that. You see, you need people to read your blog before in order for anyone to realize it's missing posts.
At any rate, I finished my second draft for The Hypocrisy Rule, one of the two screenplays I'm working on. This is the first draft where I wouldn't mind people reading it. I sent a copy to my friend Ryley out in LA. He's currently working on the remake to this French movie called L'Enfer. It's his "big break" so to speak. Ryley's a good guy, my best friend growing up, and he'll tell me if my stuff sucks or not. Either way, it doesn't matter if it sucks since it's fun to do and a boy can dream, can't he?
The weather has cleared up a bit around here. No rain yesterday and today, which is a nice change of pace. I might go jogging when I get home.
When I get some more free time I'll get back to posting interesting tidbits from around the web.
Until then, stay black America.


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