Thursday, January 06, 2005

Talk about cranky

“What does it say to the rest of the world - let alone our own citizens - when we nominate as the highest law enforcement officer in the United States the man who developed the rationale for circumventing the Geneva Conventions to permit the use of torture by American forces?”

Unlike most people, I had CSPAN on most of the day while I was at work. In case you didn’t know you can stream all CSPAN channels on your computer, which is what I did. While I was not able to hear all of the stuff that went down in the House and Senate today, CSPAN did not have nonstop coverage, I was able to get most of it.

I was surprised to hear that Sen. Barbara Boxer joined with Rep. John Conyers and many others to challenge the certification of the Electoral College vote in Ohio for good ole W. However, I was glad to hear it, because it made certain that there would be some debate within the chambers today. It was this same debate that made me realize why I don’t care for most of those serving in the congress today.

John Conyers and his staff “published its staff report, concluding that before, during, and after the election in Ohio, many state laws may have been broken, in every area ranging from the allocation of voting machines, Election Day "anomalies," and the recount. It recommended a formal Congressional inquiry, and additional legislation to reform voting laws.” This report was over 100 pages. Yet I had to sit and listen to Reds tell myself and others that this whole voting problems thing was created by “bloggers” and “X-filers.” I wish I could remember every person that I heard say something that pissed me off but I can’t, there were just to many of them.

And where the hell we the Democrats at? They hung Boxer out to dry in the Senate when the vote on the challenge came about. Not a single Democrat voted with Boxer. The vote was 75 to 1 I believe. I’ve got two words for you guys, fuck you. This is the spineless shit that has lost us the American people. Actually, I don’t think we lost the American people, the Democrats are just to lazy to bother to talk to them. Where was Kennedy? Where was Kerry? Oh yeah, he was in Iraq. Where was Edwards? Where was Byrd? I mean, what did these guys have to lose? Where was Hillary? Screw you guys for hanging Boxer out to dry. She wasn’t looking to overturn the election, she even said that. She admitted Bush won. All she wanted to do was to get people to accept the problems in the system and fix them. No balls, any of you.

Then I have to listen to the party of Christ tell me that these people brining up this challenge are wasting peoples time. Someone even said, “on only the second day of this congress the Democrats are” causing all these problems. I can’t remember exactly what he said outside of the “second day” thing. At any rate, his point was that the Democrats were wasting no time in trying to cause problems for the party of God. What he failed to mention was that today was the day designated in the constitution to air these issues. Democrats weren’t abusing anything, they were following the constitution and boy did that piss off the Reds. They hate the constitution.

Here’s what all the Reds reminded me of today. If you are a guy, perhaps you have played pickup basketball. There was always one guy, or a team of guys, who always called foul when you would drive on him. Any time the ball went out of bounds they always said it was their possession. The three pointers there insisted were far back enough always seemed a bit short. However, any time the other team said foul they were cry babies. Any time the other team said a ball that went out of bounds was theirs they were blind. Any time the other team attempted a 3 pointer they were always on the line. Almost as if the other team shouldn’t have the gall to question them.

I’m just very upset today after listening to all of the condescending undertones on CSPAN today. It was like, “get in line or get out of the way.” I swear, I just want to punch someone in the face.


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