Thursday, December 30, 2004

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Passing Thoughts

"Let me put it to you this way: I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it." George Bush, November 10, 2004

It's been about 8 weeks since the election. Some passing thoughts as we see Bush spending some of his "political capital". Some things to consider.

1. Cabinet realignment: decent or disagreement not allowed
2. Iraq; perhaps 5th time restating reason, rational and purpose
3. Iraq; still no progress, civil war appears on the horizon
4. Iraq; troops still not equipped, 33% killed are by roads-side bombs
5. Social Security; $3 trillion to fix something that may not be broke
6. Medical Insurance; nothing there
7. Federal Debt; $7.5 trillion and going up by $1 million every 50 seconds
8. Bankruptcies; up 33% since 2000
9. Booming economy; way short of new jobs required just to stay even
10. Attitude; remains arrogant
11. Morals and values

Let's just look at "Morals and Values" for a few seconds.

Jan Egeland of the UN never mentioned the USA in his statement regarding "rich countries being stingy". George felt compelled to reply for some reason or another.

You know Sister Ellen Rita used to say; "the first person that speaks up when an accusation is made, is usually the guilty one".

People have written and there are commentaries about this. Taking four days before making any sort of public gesture towards the countries by an American president when over 80,000 people perished from this Earth in a matter of minutes is nothing short of a national embarrassment.

George, you're supposed to show some compassion, leadership and after all don't you know and understand that America is the "beacon of hope" for the planet.

And by the way George, Americans don't sit back and think about should we help this country: they are Muslims, we don't trade with them, how will get our money back, what's the political payback.

When nations face disasters, Americans help all peoples and any time simply because we are humans beings first. Nothing more and nothing less.

George, I know you didn't make any mistakes but I certainly hope you learned something.


While once again no mistakes were made, a good deal of "political capital" has been spent. As I said it's been about 8 weeks since the election. I have got to believe that somewhere, someplace a good portion of 60,693,281 Americans are saying to themselves, "what the hell was I thinking?".

Now, that would be a good name for a book, "What the Hell was I Thinking?". You could do a sequel book and call it, "I can Think therefore I am". You could explore such things as; the insurgents in Iraq are all conservatives not a single liberal in the group. Or maybe something like; if the mood were conservative in the 1770's we would have a Parliament.


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