Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lets compare Transformers trailers

That picture of Prime got me thinking...and not in a good way. I remember getting excited for He-man/Masters of the Universe as a kid...and then I was pooped on by that lame ass movie. Then, I got excited for the Godzilla movie about 6 years ago, pooped on again. To say I'm concerned about Transformers is about right. Its not an understatement yet, I'm not freaking out left and right, but I am concerned.

So, lets try an experiment. First, view the new teaser trailer for the Transformers Movie:

Now, lets watch the trailer for the Transformers Animated Movie:

Okay, so that does have a gay 80s kid flick feel to it, also, I don't know about the "most incredible rock and roll adventure" line. Although, the Stan Bush song is pretty sweet.

Now, the two real trailers are is a fan trailer of what could have been:

I'll admit, parts of that do look like "hey, I figured out hot to use texture mapping" hour, but still, I think it captures the feel of what Transformers should be. The awe, the excitement, the feel, the energy...well, whatever. At any rate, I'm not putting on my haters hat just yet, but odds are 50/50 this is going to suck.



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