Thursday, June 08, 2006


In an unusual turn of events, I actually watched some WWE television last night. I’ve mentioned it on here before, and I’ll say it again, WWE TV has blown chunks for months. With the exception of Edge, briefly, winning the title, nothing has been interesting, let along good, on their TV shows. However, then they decided to bring back ECW, which perked my ear.

I’ve caught five minutes here and there on RAW the last few weeks, and kept up with what is going on by listening and reading, and the build for the return of ECW has been lackluster thus far. But last night, last night was different; it was a special with the sole purpose to get over ECW, their new TV show, and the PPV thus Sunday.

Boy oh boy, this was the first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed WWE TV. Matches were fresh, storylines were interesting, there were new faces, the commentary wasn’t boring, the promos were incredible, and it was fun. It was freaking fun. It wasn’t like the past TV, where I’ve got dumb promos, stupid matches, dumb commentary, and terrible, terrible TV.

I really enjoyed last night’s show, especially the battle royal where Big Show turned. The showdown between Tazz and Lawler was incredible, those guys hit each other stiff and it was almost believable that they were really going at it. Say what you will about Jerry, but when he needs to, he can go, and for the first time in a long time Lawler was really really solid on color. It was an odd thing to hear four people on commentary, and a unique experience, but not something that should be done often.

All in all, a good, fun show and I’m interested to see how the PPV goes this weekend, although I won’t be buying it. I’m sorry WWE, but 39.99 is just too much to ask for a PPV. It’s a real shame too; I still have last year’s Once Night Stand on my DVR and watched the Mike Awesome vs. Tanaka match the other week. I do have the ECW show set to record on my DVR for next Tuesday on the SciFi channel. Why its on the SciFi channel I don’t know, but that’s where they’ve got TV for the next 13 weeks, so that’s what I’ll be watching.



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