Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First day of Summer

Today is the Summer solstice or more commonly known as the summer solstice. It marks the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Starting tomorrow, the days will once again begin to get shorter, which will eventually lead to it getting dark at 5 o’clock again, which always sucks.

I remember we used to go camping at or near this weekend every year when I was a kid. The days seemed to last forever back then, and they very well may have. The more north you go, the more drastic the differences between day and night times, the closer to the equator, the less of a difference between day and night times. Growing up in Michigan, it wasn’t uncommon for it to stay light until 9:30-10:00. This made waiting for the fireworks to start at night seem like an eternity.

It was good times.

I guess there is some big thing going on at Stonehenge today. Being that it’s a big calendar, that doesn’t surprise me…those pagans can get all crazy sometimes.

Tomorrow is the make or break for the US team in the World Cup. If we beat Ghana, and Italy beats the Czechs, we’ll get to the second round where we’ll face Brazil and get destroyed. That’s no knock against us, Brazil beats everyone….you just sort of accept that. The families there only have enough money to buy one thing, and that’s a soccer ball….they’ll skip the beans if they have to.



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