Monday, June 19, 2006

The Legacy of Khane

Anyone who doesn’t think that Kasey Khane is a serious contender for the Cup this year needs to reconsider that thought. Evernham Mtorsports, with the exception of Mayfield, is firing on all cylinders this season and has propelled Khane to his 4th victory of the season, and we’re not even at the halfway point. As long as Khane doesn’t have anything drastic happen at the two remaining restrictor plate races, and manages to finish respectively at the two road courses, he will be in a top five spot coming into The Chase. With his vicory this past Sunday in the rain shortened 3M Performance 400 at Michigan, he’s set the tempo of what looks to be the pace for the second half of the year. I just don’t see many teams other than Jimmy and Kenseth being able to keep up long term.

The kid has talen, top notch equipment, and a very talented pit crew and crew chief. It reminds me of another ream, Jimmie Johnson, and the success he’s had the past few years. However, unlike Jimmy, I don’t see Kasey finishing second two years in a row when everything is said and done. Then again, Kasey does have a habit for finishing second, so maybe I’m wrong on that one.

Either way, it just helps my autographed die cast brushed metal 1:24th scale Kasey Khane car’s value go up. Yay me!



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