Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday, bloody Monday

Boy, I'll tell you what, I DID NOT want to get up this morning.
Maybe it's because Bebe has the day off. See, Bebe started student teaching a few weeks back. Therefore, she now has like 15 million holidays off. I, on the other hand, am lucky if I even get the federal holidays off that I'm legally obligated to have. Anyway, she gets to stay home today and I have to work, which sucks.
On the plus side, a lot of other people have today off as well, not to mention that all the schools are closed. This means a lot less people on the roads today. So, my Monday commute was significantly more pleasant than usual.
Today will be another boring day here at work. Hopefully I'll get a bit on one of the jobs I've applied for. I'm not getting my hopes up yet though, nothing I've sent my stuff out for has seemed to be a "perfect fit" for my skills. I'm in the 'tweener group right now that isn't "just out of college" but doesn't have the "minimum 5 years experience" thing everyone wants. I'm not going to take a pay cut just to get another job, you know?
I finished draft 4 of my screenplay last night. I really think it's starting to come together now. It will be interesting to see what sort of feedback Ryley has for me. He's reading like draft 3.5, so some stuff that is there now isn't in what he is reading. I didn't change up too much though. I added in two small scenes, cleaned up a lot of the dialogue, and worked on some of the action scene descriptions. A few more drafts and I may actually have something presentable.
Going to the gym after work today. Going to be the first time since November. Hopefully I won't wake up too sore tomorrow.


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