Saturday, July 23, 2005

Click and enjoy

Everyone has a time during the week where you just hate the fact that you are at work. You sit, in your chair, at your desk, in your car, on a telephone pole, in a sewer, or wherever you may work, and count the seconds until you can go home. I had one of those moments on Thursday.

The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and wind was blowing, and I sat thinking the same thought that passes through every desk jockey in the world, “I am not supposed to be doing this, this is not what I was created for.” Indeed, I find it hard to imagine that God created man, or man created itself from apes, to sit at a desk typing on a keyboard about crap that really doesn’t mean shit when it all boils down.

Regardless, I sat there, doing whatever stupid task I had to do with less than fifteen percent the effort I should be putting into when this little gem crossed my e-mail box. It was the type of thing I needed to perk up, the childish little window into humiliation that everyone needs to see once in a while.

Here is the link:

I encourage you to click on it and watch. Be patient, it starts off slowly, but about half way through it just sent me on my ass laughing.

I’ve got one thing to say to this woman, if you hadn’t tried to get all fancy and funny for the camera, none of this would have happened to you. The moral of the story, if you got stuck reporting on some stupid grape stomping thing, grit your teeth and bear it, every news person has to pay their dues somewhere.

And as the female anchor says at the end, “Oh dear!”



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