Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stock News: What the heck is going on with Delta?

So, I bought 200.00 worth of Delta stock around a year or so ago at .75 cents. After the 14.99 trading fee that got me about 246 shares, yay me.


Then, it just sort of floated around .70-.80 cents for a while, dipping all the way down to .30 at one point (where I wish I had 100 bucks I could have bought more stock with), before returning back to the .70-.80 mark.


Then, all of the sudden last week it got hot, and I don’t know why. As of when I write this, the stock is at 1.69, which is more then double what I bought it at. Now, I’m in this for the long haul, hoping it gets back to a reasonable level so I can start a college savings fund with the proceeds from my 200 dollar investment. However, I smell something fishy. This thing has been gaining 20-50% each day, which can’t be sustained obviously.


Where will the stock go? Up? Down? Who knows?


I hope it stays up, but I can’t help but suspect some sort of market correction sooner rather than later.


If you want to see the monthly trend click here.




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