Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend wrap up

Well, Sunday went from bad to worse.
First, Bebe had her purse stolen while she was in the parking lot at Publix yesterday. Fortunately, Bebe is a tough cookie and raced after the guy and managed to get his license plate number. A sheriff's department officer happened to be in the parking lot, and a call was put out immediately. They have already found the man's car and two women's purses, neither of which was Bebe's. They expect to have an arrest on this man sometime today. Bebe is shaken, but otherwise okay. Obviously, she will be a bit nervous when going out over the next few weeks, but she's tough and will be okay. I'll keep you posted.
Second, Tony Stewart won the NASCAR Nextel Cup yesterday. Actually, this isn't THAT bad. T-Stew has driven well this season and deserved it. It is his second championship in five years.
In better news, UCF, my alma matter, won their seventh game in Conference USA Saturday, which secures them the Conference USA East spot in the Conference USA Championship game. What's better, UTEP lost on Saturday which means UCF will have home field advantage over whomever comes out as the top team in Conference USA West. This is really great news for UCF. Coming into this season we were 0-11, with a 17 game losing steak, the longest in the NCAA at the time. Coach George O'Leary has really turned around the team and not only made them bowl eligible with 7 road games this year, but will take them to a conference championship game. That is defiantly Coach of the Year material right there. If we win the CUSA championship game, we will go to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. I'm not sure who we'll face, but that is just outstanding news for our football program. In addition, UCF got 12 votes to be in the top 25, the most we have ever received.


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